Germany Liectroux is going to enter 2017 Dubai Robot Competition

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Rio Olympics has closed while 2020 Tokyo Olympics is a bit far away. Germany Liectroux Robotic Academyis anxious to present itself on 2017 Dubai Robot Competition. According to Dubai official information, Dubai will hold Robot Competition biennially from next year. The first one will be held during Dec 28th to 30th , 2017. There will be 9 events: Drones’ Car Racing, Robot Football, Robot Running, Drone’s Plane Racing, Robot Swimming, Robot Ping-pong, Robot Wrestling, Remote-Controlled Plane Racing.

It is reported that besides Germany Liectroux Robotic Academy, many institutions also take part in it including Germany National Science Foundation, Germany Space Agency, National Research etc. Germany is looking forward to show its strength on Intelligence Technology on this competition. Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, the first chairman of World Federation of Sports Association, said, “ 2017 Dubai Robot Competition will be an important platform for all the countries to present the newest research of intelligence technology and to communicate over this issue with one another. The traditional Olympics brings innumerous wealth to the human beings and promote the economic development to the world. But in the future Robot Olympics will gain the same achievements.

As far as we know, Germany Liectroux Robotic Academy has a history of 100 years. Its research achievements, including Chatting Robotic, Cooking Robotic, Nursing Robotic, Military Robotic, Education Robotic have been applied to different industries. Take its Robot Vacuum Cleaner for example, with excellent research ability and military quality, Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner has becoming popular among consumers and takes its share of the market. The Official of Germany Liectroux Robotic Academy indicates that, “Germany has advantages over Sailing, Rowing, Bicycling, Equestrian in traditional Olympics. In the future, relying on our accumulated science and research ability, Germany Liectroux Robots will be a Gold-Medal competitor on Robot Olympics. ‘Higher, Faster, Stronger’ is the spirit of Olympic Athletes and it will also be the banner of Intelligent Robot.

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